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Here are answers to some of the most common questions we've gotten.

What's new on the site?

Expanded FAQ.

1. Passbook

What is Passbook?

How does Passbook work?

What devices can I use passes on? Will this work on my phone/iPad/HTC/Windows Phone/Android device? Are there any plans to create an Android Passbook client?

The link to the App Store in Passbook doesn't work.

It won't show me the pass. It just prompts me to open in Dropbox (or some other app).

How many passes can I store in Passbook?

How do I delete passes?

I can't see the App Store button in Passbook after adding passes.

When did Passbook come out?

My icons have disappeared in Passbook to add or go into any category!


How much does this cost?

Is your site the only way of setting up passes?

Can you make a pass for…

2. Passes

Why doesn't my Delta Sky Miles pass update?

Do your passes support GPS/Location or date/time reminders?

Why doesn't the LA Fitness/CVS/Kroger pass have a place to put the barcode number? Why is there no barcode on the pass?

What's the point of making rewards card on passbook if it doesn't work?

Why are the points on the card different from my actual point balance (or credit balance/etc.)?

Is there a way to get passes to display an EAN Code, 2 of 5 Code, Code 39, UPC code, ISBN code, or other standard barcode?

Can I change the images?

Why doesn't my pass update? How do I get the balance to update?

How do I get the barcode message from my physical pass?


I don't understand JSON. Can I still create templates?

How long will it take for my payment to go through?

4. Personal Accounts

I would like to create a business card. Can I sign up for one month to create the pass and then cancel and continue to have and distribute my card or will it disappear from my Passbook when my subscription ends?

Why aren't passes appearing in the "My Passes" section?

How do I create my own passes?

I bought a personal account. Is there a way to upgrade to a professional account?

Can I distribute passes I create with the personal account?

How do I create personal account?

I'm not quite sure what I signed up for. Can you please confirm what this subscription is?

5. Professional Accounts

If I created a membership pass can I deactivate someone's pass if they have cancelled or failed to make a monthly payment?

Can we set this up for our health club/spa/etc?

I want to create a Loyalty Card for my restaurant and then add points or credit to it.

How do my customers acquire my coupon/loyalty card and get it into Passbook?

Do I need an Apple Developer Certificate or a paid developer account to create passes?

We (my company) would like to integrate Passbook into our systems and get a more advanced Personal Account with more API features. Do you have any business accounts or any accounts that also have Push Service enabled?

Do you have any analytics for passes?

Can you help me integrate Passbook into our system?

Can I white-label passes?

Is there a limit to how many passes I can make?

6. Templates

The visual editor is great, but how exactly are passes laid out on the device?

6. Troubleshooting

I added a pass to my iPhone and went into the store to scan my phone but it doesn't work.


Is there a limit to how many passes I can make?

Terms of Use

We hate these things. It's horrible that this country has gotten so sue-happy. So our terms are basically this: Please don't sue us! Use of this site is at your own risk. We do not guarante uptime (we do plan on changing this in the future and will do our best to keep it up as much as possible). Your information is not guaranteed to be secure (though we will do our best to keep it secure. Basically we would suggest not including credit card numbers or social security numbers or other similarly sensitive data in your passes.) Don't use this service for life-saving/mission critical purposes (if someone could potentially die from the way you use this service, please don't do it!). We may use templates created with our service to promote If you have an issue with that, let us know and we'll make sure not to use your templates. Okay, that wasn't so bad.

One more thing! As this is all based on Apple's technology, in order to distribute passes, you must agree and adhere to Apple's terms of use for Passbook. If you have a professional account and are using your Apple Developer credentials, then the terms can be found in the member center. If you need help setting up your certificates to sign your passes, please contact us. Reminder: Make sure you include your name and address, and contact information on the backside of your passes.

Privacy Policy

Simply put, we will not share or sell your information unless one of the companies demoed claims their pass in which case we may share the information for that specific pass with the merchant, but in theory, they would already have that information. Anyone who has access to the pass creation link will have access to that pass information so we would recommend not including bank or sensitive information in the pass content. This is still a work in progress so if you have suggestions or concerns we'd love to hear them. The policy will be updated here if things change so check here since we will not spam your email with updates (however, we do reserve the right to send out email blasts about to anyone registered). We may use templates you create in promotional materials for, but we will try to obfuscate any personal information.

Who has donated or helped this project?

  • Christopher Ryan — All design credit goes to this guy. If we can raise enough money, he's our first hire!
  • Parker Crain — Donated money as soon as we put the link up! Thanks for the vote of confidence!
  • Philip Arpin — Helping figure out and set up funding and descriptions. This kid is amazing!
  • Rob Antonelli — Just because he knows Hypertalk and has offered a hand!
  • Jacob Gillespie — Moral and emotional support beam!
  • And a big thanks to everyone who's sent in words of praise and encouragement! There is nothing more rewarding than that!

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