Welcome to our Demo!

We've set up this interactive demo to show how push notifications and geofencing and beacons work with Apple Wallet passes.

To start, scan this QR code with the Apple Wallet app on your phone or tap the code from your phone's web browser:

Once you have the pass on your device, tap the (i) button in the lower right corner to flip it over. Tap the links to test geofencing and push notifications.

To test beacons, download the Pass Scanner app on a second iOS device (not the device you add the pass to). In the app, go to the iBeacon options in the menu and turn on Broadcasting. You should see the demo pass on the lock screen of nearby devices.

If you ever need to revert to the default settings, tap this link to set up the app to be a beacon for our demo passes and login to the demo account.

Pass Scanner Demos

Scan this with the Display Large Text mode:

Scan the following with the Handle PassScan mode using the demo account: